[v] Common CLI Commands

Command Description
cd Change directory.
ls List files and directories in current directory.
ls -a List all files and directories (including hidden ones), in current directory.
pwd Display the path of the current directory.
touch Create a file.
mkdir Create a directory.
rm Remove a file or directory. Warning: deleting a file or directory with this command is permanent!
cp Copy a file or directory.
mv Move or rename a file or directory.
echo Print text to STDOUT.
cat Display contents of a file.
more Display contents of a file, starting at the top and letting the user scroll down.
less Display contents of a file in an even more interactive way.
head Display the first part of a file.
tail Display the last part of a file.
man Display documentation about a command.

用Markdown建立table, 只需要如下的作法:

|Command|Description|  (內容前後用|包起來)
|:--|:--|                               (兩個--就夠了)
|cd|Change Directory.|  
Command Description
cd Change Directory.